I’m Going to Try a Ramit Sethi Product – 60 Day Trial

I am going to try a Ramit Sethi Product. He is giving me 60 days to try it out, so I will.

I really don’t go for things this expensive – ever. In fact, spending over 100 dollars for anything makes me sick. I only made 12k last year!

But today, I’m going to give this product a try. It costs 200 dollars. I can pay 57/month for four months but that will cost more than ten percent so I’ll just pay in full.

The program teaches two things that I want to learn about: developing systems and how to balance producing and consuming content.

Now here is the deal: If I produce one dollar online using this system, I will keep it. If I don’t make anything (while using this system), I’ll return it.

I may lose readers because I’m giving in to a product – but I feel that Ramit’s work is worth it. I believe that if I use this system, I will get my money back ten-fold.

My New Book: The Power of Habit

I recently bought another book. Yes another one – called The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business (affiliate link). So far it is pretty interesting. Maybe I can use the lessons in it to my advantage…

I already read the Habit Factor, but maybe this one will give me greater depth into that topic so I can create success habits that are automatic.

All in my journey to learn how to make my earnings online… Hopefully I can turn this into value for you.

GTD – The Strategy for Success

There are so many things that you may want to do – but the question remains, how you get all of them done?

This is where I am at today. I like doing anything but what I’m ‘supposed’ to do. I work an 8-5 (or 7-4) job. I do some yard work around the house and I go shopping to get my meals for the week. I’ll tell you right now, I’d like to do anything else but those things.

I have ideas, and all I do is write them down then pass them off as a fleeting interest. Something I’d like to work on someday.

But what is true success? My idea of success is doing what I want and enjoy for a living. I couldn’t be further from success at this point in my life. I’m scattered, and I tend to be lazy. I don’t go out of my way to work toward my goals. I read ‘how to make money online’ books and blogs.

When I think of an interesting idea to work on/investigate/write about, I write it down on a piece of paper and stick it in my pocket. At the end of the week I take all of the accumulated papers out of my pocket and stick them on the top of my dresser where they sit for another week or two.

In the end I never do anything with the ideas on the slips of paper. So that is what happens to all of my great plans and ideas.

Also, whenever the going gets tough, I move on to something else. I never stayed with any particular project long enough to make money with it. I’ve never seen things through.

I need to make some changes to make some progress. To start, I will use GTD or Getting Things Done (Affiliate Link). I’ll go through all of my things and process them by instructions in the book.

After I read the book, I’ll find an ‘make money online’ technique to work on and I’ll stick through it until I make progress.

What the Heck is a Blog? What I Will Do With Mine

What the heck is a blog? A blog is defined on Wikiepdia as “(a portmanteau of the term web log)[1] a discussion or information site published on the World Wide Web consisting of discrete entries (“posts”) typically displayed in reverse chronological order so the most recent post appears first.”

This is a simple definition. Black and white. In other words, a 2D definition. You’ll find that blogs many blogs are inspirational, motivational, and have improved many people’s lives.

Just in the business/money/entrepreneurship niche you will find the following blogs (which happen to be my favorite):

Now these blogs are great! Sometimes I can’t stop reading them. But I have found myself in a rut – of reading. As Ramit Sethi said on his blog, I need to stop consuming and start producing.

Producing is sometimes quite difficult. After reading so much of these blogs, I can’t help but think I have so much to live up to. I must only write things that provide incredible, incredible value.  But how do I even know what is valuable? I don’t.  Therefore I must learn.


About a month ago I found Chris Guillebeau’s secret to writing success in his A Brief Guide to World Domination. It is the idea filing system Getting Things Done (affiliate link).

Now I’ll use the Getting Things Done program for this website. I’ll use this as my repository of ideas as well as list and test my projects on here. Hopefully I will not get caught-up too much in the details and keep posting on a regular basis.

I figure that with every blog post I’ll further grow and develop as an author. I’ll learn and expand my world.

This is the nature of blogging. I’m glad to be able to join the experience 🙂