Almost A Year Later… Still In the Ring

I haven’t been on here for almost a year. My last post was posted on June 27th. Since then, not much has changed in terms of making money online.

In the real world, I got a promotion at work and a few months before my last post I met my girlfriend. Work has brought me a lot of stress, but my girlfriend has kept me in the ring 🙂

I wanted to get back to this website when I produced some sort of results. Like Bam!  here are the results. I made my first 20 dollars! Etc. But still, nothing yet.

I investigated many different ways how to make money. I read a lot.

I signed up for a pre-licensing class for real estate a little less than a month ago and I have been studying that.

Since New Years Day I have been working at my job roughly forty hours a week, every week. My pay has increased slightly, but it is still not high enough so I can support myself.

I still want to make money online – that hasn’t changed. But what do I need to do?

I need to give you value. I need to bring value to the world. And I need to do it over and over again.

But how do you do this? What is value? And how do you bring it to the world?

Steve Pavlina provided us this answer in his article How to Create Real Value. In the second paragraph he says, “you know you’re creating value when you can see tangible positive changes in the world as a result of your creative output.” Steve also describes how there are two types of value: strong value and weak value. Please read it – very important.

If I have taken anything away from where I work, it is that I need to finish every project I start. That is where I have fallen off the beam. I start projects and I don’t complete them. I’ll start a project and half way through I stop and do something else. I don’t finish it and see the result.

So here I am – in the same place I was last year.

I really need to finish what I started and bring you some value.

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