I’m Going to Try a Ramit Sethi Product – 60 Day Trial

I am going to try a Ramit Sethi Product. He is giving me 60 days to try it out, so I will.

I really don’t go for things this expensive – ever. In fact, spending over 100 dollars for anything makes me sick. I only made 12k last year!

But today, I’m going to give this product a try. It costs 200 dollars. I can pay 57/month for four months but that will cost more than ten percent so I’ll just pay in full.

The program teaches two things that I want to learn about: developing systems and how to balance producing and consuming content.

Now here is the deal: If I produce one dollar online using this system, I will keep it. If I don’t make anything (while using this system), I’ll return it.

I may lose readers because I’m giving in to a product – but I feel that Ramit’s work is worth it. I believe that if I use this system, I will get my money back ten-fold.

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