Feelings of Impossibility

I have wanted to make money online for years. Look at the age of this website – you can see its several years old.

I look at my set of skills. I don’t think I have any marketable skills.

What are people looking for online? They’re looking for online services such as video production – something that requires specialized equipment, text services – something that requires the skill of writing, graphic design skills – something that requires specialized training, or coding skills – something that requires years of experience.

What do I have? – I ask myself. I really don’t have anything listed above. Worst yet – I have run out of time as well. My bills have remained at a constant level throughout the past few years, but my bank account has seen a continuous decline. Whereas I used to not live paycheck to paycheck, now I do.

Now – I can learn any of the above skills in time, but with somewhat of a time limit, I get frustrated at the tip of a hat. I just feel like – I need this money NOW!

Then I go to the thought that maybe it will be easier to just get another job and forget the whole entrepreneurship thing for now until I have more money. This will set me on a track of making entrepreneurship impossible. I have limited time now. I’ll have even less then.

Like in the movie Zohan, the Zohan was going to work in the electronics store. His friend, who offered the job to him in the first place, refused to let him work there so that the Zohan could pursue his dream of cutting hair.

I need to set my mind in this direction.

I need to get it done.

Now I am already focused on learning Android because Android is the future. But I need now money too.

Fiverr is one cure for this, but I need a good profitable skill. Writing is one skill that I have found to be incredibly in-demand. So that is something I will work on. I need to practice first – I’ll do that on TextBroker.

The impossible might be possible, but for right now it will be painful – since writing is somewhat out of my comfort zone.